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A case for the adaptative flag

More often than not, I’ve stumbled upon flags with complex symbols or coat of arms tilted on a 90° angle; which makes the flag design hard to appreciate.

Croatia Flag Banner

Croatian flag banner next to Rovinj's city flag banner

Owl with tilted head

This is due to the fact that many countries use outdated European heraldry principles for the norms of usage of their flags. Other countries have a set of rules that proves either inconsistent or overly complex. Lastly, other countries just have no guidelines whatsoever for their flags usage. This happens to be a matter for heated discussions amongst flag nerds on the internet:

After researching into the subject and really analyzing every detail of the flags I came across. I noticed many flag designs lacking pragmatism. Coming from a branding and web design background I strongly believe that the rule of thumb in contemporary design must be to develop a visual system optimizing each element for different applications depending on the size, proportions, and medium.

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