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Type hunting in Osor


I was recently backpacking in the North-West region of Croatia, when I stumbled a little town called Osor in the island of Cres.

Osor is not a common touristic destination, and it might seem remarkably unremarkable even for Croatian people. However, I noticed countless embossed signs —with a population of 60, there’s probably more signs that people– with a typographic style I haven’t observed before.

All around the town you can find different signs set in a kind of Uncial type known as Church Slavic Typography in latin alphabet (almost exclusively found in cyrillic alphabet).


I particularly like how the "A" goes above the X-height.


Even the town’s café adopted the same type for its modest sign.


I also found a really interesting engraved sign overflowing with discretionary ligatures.


A hand-painted sign that showcases a clever way to compensate the negative space between “A" and “Č" placing the caron on the side.


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